yoga & pilates

As a physiotherapist I am concerned with health-conscious physical training. Before starting with classical muscular development it is essential to improve mobility through targeted exercises and treatment of the fascia, the musculature and thus all surrounding structures and joints. I offer this in special courses for the back and joints. I particularly recommend this course in case of physical complaints, after injuries and surgery and for re-entry into training, e.g. yoga.

PILATES is a holistic physical training method that intensively targets the intrinsic stabilizing muscles. In combination with conscious breathing, the training provides for a targeted development of these muscle groups and leads to a better body definition. It increases the muscle tone, forms the body and increases energy levels. It is an effective and recognized training concept  to rebuild the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles after childbirth and for treating incontinence. Pilates is an ideal foundation all those who would like to start practicing yoga.

HATHA YOGA – Using specific preparation with the support of props (blocks, belts, etc.) allows you to hold asanas (body postures) consciously and in an individually adapted way. Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques) helps to perceive more deeply, regulate stress and cleanse or stimulate the bodily functions. Shavasana, the final relaxation, and the use of meditation let you experience peace, support you in daily life and on your way to increased inner balance.

FASCIA FITNESS and FASCIA YOGA work on your deep tissue. Thanks to special exercises you improve flexibility and the circulation of fluids in your body. This training also works as an anti-aging-therapy, because your body recovers, releases and starts to build new cells. In this way, it is possible to renew your body. I like to work with the Fascia balls and body formers.